There are many challenges
in starting a new business
at a new location.


2012年 中途入社
ブルガリアの子会社 カシタナマドロスタ の責任者


Since November 2014, I'm responsible for the development of Bait Al-Hikma's subsidiary in SEE (South East Europe). "Къща на мъдростта" (House of Wisdom) has a goal to search for new clients in the region, to carry out R&D activities and to develop new products.
Because it's a small start-up business, I'm in charge of all operational activities. This is done in alignment with a strategy which was designed from Tokyo headquarter. Currently, I'm mostly busy with the building of the company - administration tasks (registration, legal representation), networking and promoting of our services, planning and prototyping our first products.



There are many challenges in starting a new business at a new location. For example, the corporate culture and working habits are very different in South-East Europe.
For me, the main challenge is finding enough time for both administrative and business development tasks. Because I'm responsible for a new business, I want to put all my energy and effort in developing this business and making it successful. However, there are many administrative and legal duties, which take up time. So I'm learning how to manage myself more efficiently, so that I still have enough time to work on development.

私にとっての大きな課題は、行政に関することと開発の両方に十分な時間を確保することです。私はこの新事業の責任者ですから、すべての活力と努力を事業の発展と成功に費やしたいと思っています。 しかしながら、行政に関することや、法的な義務を果たすことには随分時間がとられてしまいます。そこで、もっと効率的に自己管理を行うことを学ぶことで、開発に割ける時間を増やそうとしています。


Our main goal is to create a self-sustainable business, which delivers high added value to it's shareholders. So, I hope to attract new clients and to release our first successful applications by the middle of the year.
We are also aiming to grow the business and to reach a bigger audience. I also hope that 「カシタナマドロスタ」 will become a driving force in the future successes of Bait Al-Hikma globally.



Lately in my free time I attend social events for networking or knowledge sharing.
I do sports (climbing) twice a week and spend as much time with my family as possible.
On the way to work, I listen to podcasts about Japan or lessons on Japanese language. My favorite podcasts are "Begin Japanology" and "JRock Radio".